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You’ve worked hard for an island vacation. You want to relax, do things at your own pace, and stop whenever you want. That’s where Ohana Rent A Car steps in. We have a cool car that will make going from one place to another so much easier. Reserve your rental car now or call us at (808) 419-7401.

Comfortable Cars for Rent

We make it easy to get started on your vacation. A lot of car rental companies have service “at the airport,” but getting your rental there is a big hassle and involves standing in line with a gazillion other people. We make it easy, and we’ll even pick you up at the airport on time, like your dad would.

Even though our cars are more cost-effective than our other vehicles, they’re new enough to look cool. They also have new in-car sound technology, so you can chill to your favorite playlist.

Car Rentals on Maui Hawaii

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For travelers, we recommend making sure that your rental vehicle is not too small. Our cars are top-notch, but you might need something a little bigger. You’ll be glad you rented one of our other vehicles.

We provide an airport shuttle service that will pick you up at the airport. Call us a few days beforehand, and we can arrange it.

Why Choose Us?


We treat you like family.


You get the best bang for your buck. We carry some of the newest, cleanest cars on the island, for the best prices.

Ohana Rent A Car offers premium car, jeeps, vans, and SUV rentals


Convenient location. We’re a short Uber ride from Kahului Airport.


We make it easy. You won’t lose time standing in line at the rental counter, and we can pick you up at the curb too.

Rent a Car. Get Your Freedom

One of the best places for rental cars is, you guessed it, Ohana. We serve Maui areas like Kahului, Kahului Airport, Lahaina, Kihei, Wailuku, Kahului Harbor, Kaanapali, and Kapalua Airport. Got more questions? Check out our Rental Policies and Who We Are. You can also call us directly at (808) 419-7401, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Mahalo for visiting our site!

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